Possibly the Best Children’s
Eye Doctor in Plano

Central Vision Clinic has a lot of experience helping children with eye care needs. Dr. De La Fuente is a family eye doctor who takes pride in knowing how to put children of all ages at ease and communicate with them at their level to make accurate examinations and evaluations. “We are proud to have the ability to work with kids and enjoy watching them grow into teenagers and young adults.  We are always surprised at what we learn from our pediatric patients.”   Central Vision Clinic’s waiting room is oriented for children, so they can have fun on their next trip to see one of the best children’s eye doctors in the Plano area.

Children's Eye Doctor Plano


Children’s Eye Examinations

Dr. De La Fuente loves to work with kids of all ages. He credits this in part to having had the great experience of working with a 2 year old child as his first patient in optometry school. He learned from that experience to perform subjective testing, which does not require any response from the patient. Dr. De La Fuente uses toys and props as well as videos to keep the attention of small kids.

Kids Eye Exam


Children’s Frames

For kid’s eyeglasses in Plano, there’s likely not a better place to find the perfect solution. We have a large selection of children’s frames, which are all made specifically with kids in mind. Our Liberty Sport goggles also work great at protecting the eyes of kids who participate in sports. Plus, our warranty package is an excellent idea for active children who are more likely to damage their glasses during a rough activity.



Contact Lenses for Children

Dr. De La Fuente is one of the few children’s eye doctors who fits contact lenses on kids. For new contact lens wearers, he first makes sure with the child’s parents that the child is responsible enough to properly care for contact lenses. Then, each child is trained on how to wear and care for the contact lenses.