At Central Vision Clinic, we offer skilled family optometry services and expertise in several areas of eye care specialty.  Dr. De La Fuente believes that taking care of patients is more important than financial gain. “As an eye care professional, I strive to exceed the expectations of all our patients.  We understand that our patients are our lifeline and the reason we have been able to grow our practice since we opened in 2004.”


Eye Exams/Evaluations for all Ages

Central Vision Clinic provides skilled eye care exams for patients of all ages including infants and toddlers.  All standard eye exams and evaluations such as Binocular Vision and Visual Field evaluation, Intraocular Pressure measurements, Refraction, and external and internal eye examinations are conducted. Plus, eye exams can be conducted in the office during your regular visit for those with special conditions such as Karatoconus, speech impairment and mental handicap.

Eye Examination


Eye Exams/Evaluations for
Non-Verbal Patients

Dr. De La Fuente is trained to meet the special needs of patients who cannot give verbal responses, such as stroke victims, those who are mentally challenged and very young children. These patients can receive complete and accurate eye exams and evaluations using non-verbal techniques.

 Kids Eyeglass Frames



Keratoconus is a developmental deformity of the cornea which usually affects both eyes. It causes the cornea to become cone shaped due to the thinning and stretching of some inner layers of the cornea. For over 7 years, Dr. De La Fuente has been fitting patients with Keratoconus for specialty contact lenses. Just this year in 2015 Dr. De La Fuente became certified to use Novakone. Novakone is a new soft lens for Keratoconus.



Color Blindness and Dyslexia

Both of these conditions can be treated at Central Vision Clinic.  Chromagen lenses are the first FDA approved lenses for both color vision blindness and dyslexia.  They are available in both spectacle and contact lenses.  Dr. De La Fuente is one of Chromagen’s select practitioners who can prescribe these lenses.



Laser Surgery Evaluations and

Dr. De La Fuente comanages refractive laser surgery including Lasik and PRK with well-known ophthalmologists in the local area. This means that Dr. De La Fuente performs a pre-operative eye examination and post- operative evaluations after the laser surgery.  The pre-operative examination will allow him to determine if a patient is a good candidate for refractive surgery such as Lasik or PRK.  If so, the patient is scheduled for surgery with the ophthalmologist at a later date.  The patient sees the ophthalmologist the next day and possibly 1 week after surgery. For greater convenience, all other post-operative evaluations are seen by Dr. De La Fuente in his office.  The post- operative evaluations last up to 1 year.  Dr. De La Fuente will check to make sure the patient’s corneas are healing properly and working like they should at these post-op evaluations.  He always stays in communication with the ophthalmologist throughout the post-operative evaluations. All eye examinations and evaluations are included in the price quoted for the surgery. In other words, the cost for your refractive surgery will include the pre-operative and post-operative services provided by
Central Vision Clinic.

Laser Eye Surgery


Emergency Eye Care

Dr. De La Fuente is licensed as an Optometric Glaucoma Specialist and therefore is licensed to treat many types of emergency eye care services.  This includes treating all types of eye infections, removing foreign bodies, minor chemical and/or thermal burns, and abrasions.



In House Optical Lab

We have a full finishing optical laboratory on our premise.  This allows us to edge finished lenses into their frames on site.  This provides a faster turn-around time for our patients. Depending on complexity of the prescription, we can make 50% of our eyeglasses within 1 work day.  We can make about 70% of our eyeglasses within 3 work days. The rest of our eyeglasses are usually ready within 1 week.   We only use a world class optical laboratory for our lenses.